Belgian dessert factory has definitely chosen for plant-based pastry


Who is Vecuisine?

For 50 years NANUK NV has produced in its 3 different factories not only desserts but also chicken wings and fresh ready-to-go salads for retail and food services. We were a small family-owned business which became progressively a key producer in the food industry. Now it’s time to adapt the traditional dairy patisserie production into a creative planted based one. Vecuisine’s mission is to have a fully plant-based production line within 2030.

In 2022 we have launched our first plant-based product, the belgian chocolate mousse. Since then a wide range of delicious products with many different flavors has been developed. « Our target group is either flexitarians and vegan consumers », said Paul. “We want to launch the products as a product that hardly tastes different then the classic dairy versions.” Our products aren’t expensive, they need to be affordable for everyone

The world is in constant evolution and consumers are getting more and more conscious about consuming animal-based products on a daily basis. Breeding animals to eat is no longer acceptable and seems to be under pressure. Moreover, consumption of animal-based food has a deep impact on climate change. With this mindset, our R&D department has been working the past few years on an innovative, sustainable transition.

“Everyone should taste our plant-based mousses.”

Innovative private label business solutions

As it is today, Nanuk offers tailor made products and packaging solutions. And we are already known as a key partner for retailers in the Benelux and Europe. We have the opportunity to work with the biggest retailers such as Lidl and Aldi. With Vecuisine, we want to focus on making products with vegan-friendly ingredients. The goal is to become a trusted business partner for vegan pastry in Europe.

We are flexible and customer driven, we can offer in short term high-quality food services to retail and food service. You name it, we can make it! We are developing new products following our customers’ wishes. This is why we are proud to promote our exclusive private label concept.

15 yummy plant-based mousses

Nanuk’ s R&D department has already developed 15 delicious plant-based mousses till now. The first mousse was the one with our famous Belgian chocolate. But we have more! If you like the nostalgic flavors or exotic flavors. We got it all! Discover our different tastes. We use top quality and plant-based ingredients, which means no lactose, no egg, no cholesterol, no gluten, .. Our goal is to present a unique alternative with good taste, great consistency and natural colors to consumers.

What’s next?

Nanuk is continuously focusing on reducing its impact on the environment by smoothly adapting its production line into a fully plant-based one. Vecuisine is the new division for all these products. It is the first step into the future. The dessert department won’t be just a small section of our company, it will concern the full company itself. In 2024 we would like to roll out our plant-based cheesecakes and meringue pies. Vecuisine will have a full range of plant-based desserts to suggest to its flexitarian and vegan audience.

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