Our company

<h2>Who are we? </h2>

Who are we? 

What began as a family-run venture has progressively evolved into a pivotal player within the food industry. Vecuisine is partner of Nanuk NV, they are active in the retail and the food service sectors. In 2022, Vecuisine has started to transform their traditional dairy pastry into an innovative, plant-based endeavor.

Vecuisine's overarching goal is to establish a fully plant-based production line by the year 2030. As it is today, we crafted a lot of different flavors such as mango passionfruit, lime, belgian dark chocolate mouse,.. All our mousses, round cakes and individual pastry is made with plant based ingredients.

Our vision

Vecuisine has been created with a simple vision: food should not only be good for you and the planet but it should be delicious too & affordable for everybody. We believe that by 2030 there will be more dairy free & plant-based solutions in the market than there are dairy containing products.

Our mission

The desserts of Vecuisine provide a sustainable alternative for consumer looking to make environmentally- conscious and healthy choices for themselves and their families. Our products don't only taste amazing, they make you feel good! We strive to create desserts that are affordable for everyone.
"Everyone should taste our plant-based mousses"

Our awards

<h2>Golden Tavola</h2>

Golden Tavola

In 2020, Vecuisine was the winner of the golden tavola foodservice with its delicious vegan chocomousse.

<h2>Plant Based award</h2>

Plant Based award

In 2022 Vecuisine was the award winner of the best desserts at the Plant Based exposition in London.

Why work with us?


Quality and craftmanship

Every product is crafted with the utmost quality and craftsmanship. Thanks to our rigorous quality policy, we go the extra mile for our customers. We strive for the very best outcome.


Speed and flexibility

Vecuisine prioritizes flexibility and speed, ensuring top-quality. We adapt to your unique needs, crafting desserts that meet evolving market demands while never compromising on quality.



As a company, you can choose which packaging and flavors you will offer to your consumer. We listen to your needs and look for the best solution. Customer is king!